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Welcome to Rejuvenate Health Center, your premier hormone health clinic in Minneapolis, Texas. We specialize in peptide injections and other cutting-edge therapies to help patients struggling with hormone deficiencies reclaim their health, vitality, and quality of life.

Overview of Peptide Therapy

Peptides are short chains of amino acids that act as signaling molecules in the body. Certain peptides have been shown to stimulate the production of key hormones like growth hormone, testosterone, and others that decline with age.

Peptide injections can help raise hormone levels back to optimal ranges, leading to enhanced muscle growth, fat loss, injury recovery, mood, sleep, libido, cardiovascular health, and more. They provide a natural way to restore balance and counteract age-related hormonal decline.

At Rejuvenate Health Center, we offer a variety of highly targeted peptide therapies tailored to each patient's unique needs and health goals. Our experienced medical team specializes in anti-aging and integrative treatments to promote vitality at any age.

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Benefits of Peptide Therapy

Some of the many potential benefits of peptide injections include:

The positive effects of peptides may be noticed quickly, in some cases in as little as 3-6 weeks. Results continue to improve and compound over several months of therapy. Our providers work closely with patients to track progress and make adjustments as needed.

Restore your vitality with peptide therapy today.

Diagnostic Testing is Critical

Our licensed medical providers specialize in diagnosing and treating hormone deficiencies through the latest testing and precision peptide protocols.

Some key diagnostic tests we utilize include:

Testing paints a comprehensive picture of a patient's current hormone balance and allows our practitioners to develop customized treatment plans to restore optimal levels. Follow-up blood tests help monitor patient progress and response.

Peptide Therapy Protocols

There are many different peptides available, and combinations can be tailored to suit each patient's health goals. Below are some of the most common peptides we prescribe:

CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin



Thymosin Alpha-1

Melanotan II

Protocols are tailored to the individual and may involve single peptides or a combination. Our experienced medical team will determine the best peptides, dosages, and injection frequencies to meet your wellness goals while minimizing potential side effects.

Lifestyle Factors are Key

While peptide therapy provides a tremendous boost to wellbeing, lifestyle choices remain crucial to optimizing hormones and health. We provide patients with customized nutrition, exercise, and stress management plans to complement the benefits of injections.

Key lifestyle tips include:

Restore your vitality with peptide therapy today.

The Rejuvenate Health Center Difference

At Rejuvenate Health Center, your health, safety, and satisfaction are our top priorities. We offer:

We also accept insurance and provide flexible financing options to make care accessible.


Peptide therapy offers an exciting way to enhance hormone levels, revitalize health, and address the symptoms of aging. Our experienced medical team tailors peptide injections and protocols to help you look and feel your best, backed by our uncompromising care and service.

We look forward to learning about your wellness goals and developing a personalized peptide plan to help you thrive.

Hormone Testing and Diagnostics

Accurately assessing hormone levels through laboratory testing is the critical first step in peptide therapy or any hormone optimization protocol. The licensed providers at Rejuvenate Health Center specialize in advanced diagnostics to uncover hormone imbalances or deficiencies.

We understand the intricate dynamics between hormones and how they fluctuate with age, lifestyle, and other factors. Our testing provides the data we need to identify issues and determine the most effective treatment to restore optimal hormone balance.

Why Comprehensive Testing is Essential

Symptoms like low energy, poor sleep, weight gain, reduced libido, and brain fog can have many causes - not just hormone changes. It's impossible to know what's really happening in the body without evidence-based lab testing.

Trying to augment hormones through peptides or other therapies without hard data on your actual levels is like trying to assemble furniture without reading the instructions. The process requires precision.

At Rejuvenate Health Center, we go beyond the standard screening to paint a comprehensive picture of your:

Follow-up testing is key to monitor progress on therapy and make dosage adjustments. We tailor treatment based on your body's response.

Discovering Underlying Causes

In-depth diagnostics can uncover issues contributing to hormone dysfunction, like:

By identifying these factors, we can address the root causes with diet, lifestyle adjustments, nutrients, medication, or peptide protocols to provide lasting solutions.

The Diagnostic Difference

Too many clinics offer cookie-cutter testing that misses key health indicators, leading to suboptimal treatment plans. Rejuvenate Health Center leverages cutting-edge diagnostics to uncover what's truly happening inside your body.

We dig deeper to provide personalized solutions targeting the real drivers of your symptoms or concerns. Our testing protocols and interpretation skills are second to none.

Regaining your health and vitality is possible. Start with testing to illuminate the path forward with us.

New Innovations in Peptide Therapy

The world of peptide therapies is evolving rapidly. New peptides are being discovered, novel delivery methods developed, and additional benefits coming to light through emerging research. Rejuvenate Health Center provides patients access to the latest innovations in peptide protocols for anti-aging, life extension, and performance enhancement.

New Peptides Showing Promise

The peptide pool continues to expand, providing more targeted options to produce desired effects. Some newer formulations showing positive results include:

As research advances, even more therapeutic peptides are likely to emerge for fat loss, muscle building, brain health, injury recovery, and mastering aging. Rejuvenate Health Center stays abreast of the latest developments to provide patients with the most innovative and effective therapies.

New Delivery Methods

For convenience and optimal results, providers aim to make peptide delivery as simple and non-invasive as possible. New innovations include:

These new options eliminate the need for daily injections for certain peptides. Rejuvenate Health Center offers the latest proven delivery methods to suit individual patient needs and preferences.

Novel Uses Still Emerging

The list of known peptide benefits continues to grow as their role in biological processes is further uncovered. For example, new studies suggest peptides may:

Our providers stay current on the research to continually identify innovative applications for life enhancement and health restoration.

The Leaders in Peptide Science

With thousands of peptides identified and more in development, having an expert guide is essential to navigate the options. Rejuvenate Health Center medical providers offer:

We pull from the latest advancements to develop planet-leading, individualized peptide therapies for our patients. Contact us today to learn about what's possible.

Peptide Therapy Comparison

The growth hormone and other stimulating peptides prescribed at Rejuvenate Health Center can be administered via several different methods. The ideal delivery route depends on the specific peptide, treatment goals, and patient preference. Below we look at the pros and cons of the most common options.


How it works - Peptides are injected into subcutaneous fat, intramuscularly, or intravenously using an insulin syringe. The peptide quickly enters circulation.



Oral Delivery

How it works - Chemically modified peptides are taken orally via tablet, capsule or liquid to improve absorption.



Transdermal Patches

How it works - Peptides slowly diffuse across the skin over 6-24 hours.



Nasal Sprays

How it works - Peptides rapidly absorbed in nasal passages directly to bloodstream.



Which is Right for You?

The most suitable peptide delivery method depends on:

Our providers consider all these factors when developing individualized peptide therapy protocols using the ideal route of administration for you.

The team at Rejuvenate Health Center combines expertise across peptide pharmacology, anti-aging medicine, and innovative delivery methods to provide you with the most effective precision treatment tailored to your needs and goals.

Hormone Optimization for Men's Health

Balancing hormone levels through peptide therapy and other protocols plays a major role in sustaining men's wellbeing, vitality, and sexuality across the lifespan. At Rejuvenate Health Center, we specialize in optimizing the key hormones involved in masculinity, performance, and flourishing aging.

Testosterone and Sexual Vitality

Testosterone, the dominant male sex hormone, is central to libido, fertility, and stamina. By the age of 60, most men experience some degree of testosterone decline. Low testosterone also affects:

Peptide therapies like sermorelin combined with lifestyle measures can restore healthy testosterone levels, enhancing sexual desire, function, and pleasure.

Growth Hormone and Performance

Growth hormone (GH) fuels cell regeneration, muscle growth, brain function, injury healing, and fat metabolism. After age 30, natural GH production steadily drops. Lower GH is linked to:

Therapeutic peptides safely increase natural GH secretion, leading to benefits like:

This helps men maintain their highest physical performance.

Thyroid Function and Metabolism

The thyroid gland controls energy production and metabolic rate. An underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism, becomes more common with age. Low thyroid can cause:

Optimizing thyroid function through testing, nutrients, medications or peptides helps restore healthy energy levels, weight management, and mental sharpness.

Inflammation, Immunity and Heart Health

Chronic low-grade inflammation and immune impairment increases in middle and later life, setting the stage for disease. Key peptides like thymosin alpha improve white blood cell production and activity for more youthful immunity.

Peptides also decrease inflammatory factors that contribute to pain, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive decline. This helps protect long-term wellness.

Male Optimization Blueprint

The integrative providers at Rejuvenate Health Center leverage testing, targeted peptides, nutrients, and lifestyle changes to holistically optimize hormones for sustained virility, performance, and peak masculine wellbeing across the lifecycle. Contact us to begin your journey.

Lifestyle Optimization for Peptide Therapy

While peptides offer a powerful intervention to restore hormones and wellbeing, certain lifestyle measures can enhance their benefits and overall treatment effectiveness. Our holistic providers offer personalized guidance on diet, exercise, stress management, and other factors.

Nutrition - The Foundation

What you eat each day profoundly impacts how you feel and function. Key diet strategies include:

Nutrition lays the foundation for successful peptide therapy. An anti-inflammatory, whole foods diet nourishes cells and optimizes wellness.

Functional Fitness

Regular exercise potently complements peptide treatment for muscle building, fat loss, bone density, and metabolic health. We recommend:

Our providers offer personalized exercise guidance and programming for all fitness levels to optimize

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